Darling, I’m sorry I keep breaking us. it’s my dynamics with being friends - with anyone. 

I push myself if I’m alone with someone, as I’m far more relaxed, I try a lot more and I feel I’m more connected that way.

I may be a little flirty occasionally, with girls and guys I find. but this time it was not the case.

(I missed you. you didn’t call or reply or talk to me)

I’ve detached myself from many lately, being with you has made me the happiest I’ve ever been, it feels like an explosion in my soul .. but, sometimes, but remember how we met, we were both not in a good place, we haven’t fixed things totally for ourselves and I rely on you too much for feeling good sometimes. Nevertheless I like that I have you.

That distance, from others, from where my house is, to just me being me and not letting others in is making me feel pretty lonely sometimes and shit. 

I need friends, I need the friends I used to have, and I’m sorry that due to a mixture of stuff, going out late and returning late with Lloyd in his car, driving fast, especially from history looked really bad. I accepted that elements of it was quite wrong, you would expect a lot more from me considering how close we are and additionally how little actions fracture our relationship. But I love you, I need to show you that you can trust me, I will always tell you everything, and I care for you and respect you considerably honey.

We shall sort this out dear okay

love. ♥